Highlights from dances on April 23 and April 30, 1999

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Susan Hankin
Susan Hankin calling with Microchasm
(23 April 1999)
Microchasm Sound bite (232KB)
Microchasm: Laura Lengnick (fiddle), Steve Hickman (fiddle), John Devine (guitar), David Wiesler (piano)
(23 April 1999)
Pull by
Right to your partner and pull by.
(23 April 1999)
Long lines
Long lines go forward and back.
(23 April 1999)
Beth Molaro
Beth Molaro calling with Gigmeisters:
Paul Oorts (mandolin, banjo), Alexander Mitchell (fiddle), David Wiesler (piano, guitar)
(30 April 1999)
Waltzing dancers
Would you care to waltz?
(30 April 1999)
Allemande left
Allemande left your neighbor.
(30 April 1999)
Dancers swinging
Balance and swing!
(30 April 1999)


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